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          Carbon Steel Wire*

          ?Product Introduction

          With the best quality billets we purchased from the most famous mills world wide, our hot rolled wire rod products are specialized in low carbon steel, high carbon steel, low alloy steel and free cutting steel, etc.

          ?Factory Information

          Foundation :January 1995

          Annual Capacity :400,000 Tons / Year

          Numbers of Staff :250

          Feature :About 236,000 Square Meters

          Feature :

          •Grinding equipment for surface quality improvement.

          •Walking beam type of reheating furnace for uniformity.

          •Two strands high speed rolling Coil weight up to 2 tons.

          Billet conditioning facility is a key feature of this plant. All of our billet must go through the detecting and grinding process before being rolled into the wire rods for assuring the surface quality.

          Brief History :

          1995:Quintain Plant Founded

          1997:Commercial Run of Wire Rolling Mill Commercial Run of Billet Conditioning Line

          1999:Accredited ISO-9002 Quality System Accredited CNLA Laboratory Certificate

          2006:Accredited TAF Certificate of Deformed Bars in Coil"Chiai Industrial Co., Ltd." changed the name to "Quintain Steel Co., Ltd."


          4F, NO.47, Xinjian Rd., South Dist.,Tainan City 70255, Taiwan

          Tel. : 886-6-2643888

          Fax. : 886-6-2647188


            ?Product Specification


          1.Low Carbon Steel Wire Rods(Rimmed Steel)

          2.Carbon Steel Wire Rods(Aluminum Killed Steel / Silicon Killed Steel)

          3.High Carbon Steel Wire Rods

          4.Low Alloy Steel Wire Rods

          5.Low Carbon Steel Wire Rods(Silicon Killed Steel)

          6.Free Cutting Steel Wire Rods

          7.Carbon Steels For Machine Structure Use

          8.Steel Bars For Concrete Reinforcement ( In Coil )

          Wire Rods Standard Diameter:

          Ø5.5mm、 Ø6.5mm、 Ø7.0mm、 Ø8.0mm、 Ø9.0mm、 Ø10.0mm、 Ø11.0mm、 Ø12.0mm、 Ø13.0mm、 Ø14.0mm、 Ø15.0mm、 Ø16.0mm 。

          Concrete Reinforcement ( In Coil ) Standard Diameter:#3 (D10) 、 #4 (D13)。

          Download : Product Specification(PDF)

          ?Main Facilities

          Factory Facilities quantities
          Billet Conditioning Line Shot Blast Device 1 set
          Line Magna 1 set
          Billet Grinding Machine 2 set
          Wire Rolling Mill Reheating Furnace 2 set
          Rolling stands :

          Roughing-------- 8 stands

          Intermediate---- 10 stands

          Block Mill------ 10 stands
          2 line


          Billet Grinding Machine-SPOT, SKIN AND CORNER GRINDING

          Line Magna-After the billet is magantized by Line Magna machine,the magnetic particles are accumulated on the defect’s area and have proper brightness under ultraviolet lights, the inspectors can inspect the existence of defects and make a mark on them.
          Rolling stands-Roughing & Intermediate Stands Type:Horizontal &Vertical

          Block Mill Type: X-type No-twist

          Quantity:Roughing-------- 8 stands

          Intermediate---- 10 stands

          Block Mill------ 10 stands
          Reheating Furnace- ●Walking Beam Type:

          ●Rolling Temperature :over 1100 ℃
          Shot Blast Device-Billets are charged on the V-roller table one by one. It is descaled by a shot blast. Descaling on the four surfaces of billet are madesimultaneously and continuously in progress.  

          Customer Service     Provides satisfaction the service is we greatest achievement

          Head Office >Tel:06-2643888 Fax:06-2641789
          Wire Rod Deformed Bar in Coil >Tel:06-2925658 Fax:06-2925581 Fax:06-2925591
          Spheroidized Wire >Tel:06-2925698 Fax:06-2925581 Fax:06-2925591
          Galvanized Wire >Tel:06-2925661 Fax:06-2925581 Fax:06-2925591
          Export department >Tel:06-2646288 Fax:06-2647188

          Quintain Steel Co., LTD
          4F., NO.47, Xinjian Rd., South Dist., Tainan City 702, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
          TEL:886-6-2643888   Fax:886-6-2641789